The First Annual
" 2015 National Veterans Kayak Football HOF Challenge"

Team River Runner hosted the first annual Kayak Football event for the Pro Football Hall of Fame weekend at
Willowdale Lake Country Club in North Canton, Ohio on August 9th, 2015

8 Veteran Kayak Football Teams competed in the ultimate Kayak Football Tournament at the Football Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio!

Where else would you have a group of veterans and friends - some blind - some amputee - some paralyzed - some mental challenges - some physical challenges
all competing together in a friendly game of football.  Water is the Great Equalizer to anyone who likes to be free from labels!

Special Thanks to -  Ryan Pepper - -
TRR National Kayak Football Committee Chair
and the Willowdale Lake Community
for such an amazing event!

Thanks to everyone who participated, volunteered and supported this years event!

2015 Team River Runners NE Ohio Chair
Justin Jeffers at

2015 Team River Runners NE Ohio Co-Chair
Cory Anderson at

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The First Annual "Veterans Kayak Football HOF Challenge"
was a tournament for Disabled Veterans to participate in the competitive water sport of kayak football.

Eight teams played in a round robin format with the ultimate goal of winning the championship.

The tournament took place during the Pro Football Hall of Fame weekend
at Willowdale Lake Country Club in North Canton, Ohio on August 9th, 2015.

The teams came in from five states, and were welcomed to our community. 

The Blind Bastards

The Blind Bastards are an independent team associated with Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Bethesda, Maryland. Their team captain is Joe Mornini. You can bet with a name like that they were interesting to watch. 

TRR - Southeastern PA

The Southeastern Pennsylvania chapter of TRR is based out of West Chester. Their team Captain is Jim Riley. Being close to Philadelphia They brought a lot of attitude.

TRR - Eaton Rapids

The Eaton Rapids TRR chapter hails from lower Michigan, not to far from Ann Arbor. Their team Captain is Scott Fraser. I see a renewal in Michigan/Ohio hostilities with this team. 

TRR - Shepherd

The TRR chapter from Shepherd University in West Virgina will be here. Their team Captain is Tracy Seffers. This group plays hard nosed football. That's why they have the nickname "RamRod". 

TAASC - Columbus

The TAASC team comes here from Columbus. Their team Captain is Angela Meyer. Although this is a fairly new team, they're not new to kayaking. As long as they beat that team from up North all will be good. 

TRR - Cincinnati

The TRR chapter out of Cincinnati will be coming in hot. Their team Captain is Jon Stone. Lets see if they can make Cincy the big brother city for once. 

TRR - Walter Reed

The TRR Walter Reed team will be in from Maryland. Their Team Captain is Brandon Huff. This is a veteran team with lots of experiance in kayak football. Look for them to be a challenger for the cup. 

TRR - NE Ohio

Our local chapter of TRR had their work cut out for them. Hailing from Cleveland, Ohio, they're led by Captain Justin Jeffers. I see potential rivalry games for these guys everywhere I look, so they better be ready for some serious kayak football.

Why We Did It?

This tournament was created to honor our Military Veterans in a fun and unique way and give these men and woman a chance to show what it means to adapt and overcome. At the same time, they weere introduced to an entire community to the world of competitive kayaking, through water sports. By watching these competitors, you learned all about Adaptive Ability and how

water can become the great equalizer in overcoming any disability.

This was a free event to come and watch,


Want to try Adaptive Kayaking?

Are you a veteran that is interested in trying Kayaking?
Contact Justin Jeffers at

Cory Anderson at

 for more info and interest..