Ohio Adaptive Soccer Network

Power Wheelchair Soccer

 We are looking for athletes who are interested in trying the sport of Power Wheelchair Soccer. Here is a link to our website that features a video/description of Power Wheelchair Soccer : http://www.ohioadaptivesports.com

This sport is very inexpensive to start and is played on a basketball court. There are no age limits.

Please forward this information out to your contacts and have them contact me directly. Once I have enough pool of athletes we will schedule a clinic for athletes in Power Wheelchairs to try this sport.


Lisa L. Followay




Great program in Cleveland, Cinci, and here in Columbus! TopSoccer for children and adults with disabilities. 
As we prepare for the upcoming club and High School seasons, I wanted to take a moment to introduce you to TOPSoccer, our program for children and adults with Disabilities.

TOPSoccer is a national program operating under US Youth Soccer specifically designed for Children with Special Needs.
Any child age 4 and older with a physical or cognitive disability, no matter how severe, can play TOPSoccer. Children who use walkers, crutches or wheelchairs can play as well as those who need no physical assistance. Games and practice sessions are modified as needed to meet the needs of each player.


• Think......Do you know someone that may benefit from participating in this program......a neighbor?.....a sibling of someone in your club?.....someone at school?....someone at church?

It would be wonderful if everyone in our Ohio South family could get the word out about this incredible program that gives so much joy to so many children. Please pass this information onto your teams, teammates and families. We want to get as many children involved in this program as possible.......we want as many volunteers involved in this program as possible!!

Programs are offered in the Cincinnati, Dayton and Columbus areas.....contact information and websites are in the link above. These programs are always looking for more children to participate........and more volunteers to help out Top Soccer 


TOPSoccer (The Outreach Program for Soccer) is a national soccer program.