About the Ohio Wheelchair Network

In 2003, Ohio Wheelchair website founder/owner Cory Anderson was searching the internet for local wheelchair support groups in Ohio.  Not much info was found during this search.  Yet Cory knew that there were several groups near that have existed for decades.  Thus as part of a giving back ambition Cory started the generic website called Ohio Wheelchair and allowed any group that supports anyone living in wheelchairs in Ohio free website space to promote their activities. 

This generic website acted as a hub if you will to collaborate all of the smaller individual groups throughout Ohio and its bordering states a chance to have connectivity to the internet.  The website is free of charge to any support group - Cory covers 100% the cost of the website and its sustainability.  No fundraising or asking of any money is ever taken for this project.

This communication effort has grown into a strong team of supporters that help keep the website current of the many wheelchair friendly activities throughout the the state.  The project has become a respected reference throughout our wheelchair community in Ohio. 

Cory wishes to thank the team of many people who helped support this ambition for the past 20 years as the effort continues to grow and support our wheelchair community in Ohio.

If you see a wheelchair support group or event that is missing from this communication hub - please feel welcome to send us an e-mail at OhioWheelchair@gmail.com