Welcome to the

Cleveland VA
Veterans Creative Arts Festival

Many Thanks to all who participated in this years event!

Below is the list of those from our Cleveland event who placed in each category set by the
National Veterans Creative Arts Festival:


Visual Arts
1. Acrylic

Virgil McKinney, Untitled Acrylic 3

Kenneth Medell, Dancing in the Snow

Traci Wakeman, God’s Peace

2. Watercolor

William Baker, By the Lake

George Duke, Jumbo

Justin Del Sol, Paint Spatter

4. Monochromatic Drawing

Joseph Felder, Grandma’s Love

Jeremy Trammell, Everyone’s Got a Story

Traci Wakeman, Growing Pains

5. Colored Drawing

Emeri Delanoye Scott I “Moja”, Listen to You!

Alan Cummings, Winter Beauty

6. Pastels

Justin Del Sol, Landscape with Trees

11. Black and White Photography

Randall Harrod, No Way Out

12. Color Photography

Randall Harrod, Rising Thoughts

Cheryl Poole, Don’t Fence Me In

Pamela Poole, Door Enter

24. Original Design in Needlework

Carolyn J. Barnes, Multiplication Table Runner

Holly Koester, On the Road Again

32. Mixed Media

David Sykes, Bill Bass

Traci Wakeman, Silent

39. Craft Coloring Kit

Richard Baumgartl, Untitled Velvet 1

Alan Cummings, Spinning Wheel

41. Paint by Number

Todd Mix, Show Me the Way


1.Vocal Solo Country/Folk/Bluegrass

Joshua Maley, Heading South

12.Vocal Patriotic

Larry Bostic, God Bless the USA

Creative Writing

4.Non-Rhyming Poetry- Military Experience


5. Non-Rhyming Poetry- Inspirational

Deidre Arnold, Birds

6. Non-Rhyming Poetry-General Topic

Rex Shryock, Warfare-Insurrection-Aggression-Oppression

9. Personal Essay- General Topic

Rex Shryock, Time

10. Humor

Rex Shryock, Jack Whiskers